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What is Iron ANT Fitness?

Anthony , Founder

It seems only a moment ago when Anthony began telling me about his idea to begin a fitness shirt line.  I listened carefully to his plan, looked at pictures that came through my phone, genuinely liked the idea, and encouraged him to go farther with it.  In reality it’s been several months since the beginning of those conversations and messages took place. Since then, ideas have multiplied, masterminds have collaborated, and a new online community has formed called Iron ANT.  But with all the fitness related pages already on social media my biggest concern is how will Iron ANT be different?  I reached out to Anthony , the founder of Iron ANT, to ask a few questions.

(Muddy Warrior Chick – KDub)  Where did you get the initial idea to start Iron ANT?

(Anthony  – AG)  The initial idea for Iron ANT (IAF) was for it to be a motivational T-shirt company.  In the beginning Iron ANT Fitness shirt brand had only one order of shirts made.  I had positioned it so that I already had athletes lined up to be sponsored by IAF.  After considering my long term goals I decided I wanted more to come from Iron ANT other than just T-shirts.  I had invested too much time and effort into IAF to just give up and quit.   I finally came up with the idea to turn it into a motivational fitness meet-up group. We  organize fun social fitness related meet-ups.  For example, our previous meet-up group in April was Ind

The T-Shirt

oor Rock-climbing and our May event was kayaking. These meet-up groups not only allow us to get together and meet new people but allow us to focus on team building skills.  We all can come together to help other achieve a goal whether it is personal or a friends.  I instantly fell in love with the idea of a motivational fitness meet-up group because my passion is to help others become fit and more confident in themselves.  As I noticed people starting to become interested in IAF and wanting to show their support at Obstacle Course Races (OCR), and just wearing shirts in general, it naturally turned into a fitness group.  IAF has many adjustments as my ideas and ideas from others began to spiral.  As you can see we started out as a T-shirt company, then transformed into a motivational meet-up group, and as the demand grew and people kept wanting it to be a fitness group I finally decided to make it just that.  A lot of input for IAF came from its members, not just me. I couldn’t be happier with how things have turned out for IAF.

(K-Dub)  As you are aware there are plenty of running/fitness/OCR teams on social media what makes this one different?

(AG)    There will be many similarities and differances  within all fitness groups out there, but here are the top two  differences in IAF coming from my opinion and the opinion of other members

IAF Doesn’t  mind if you a part of other fitness teams, some IAF members including myself are proud supporters for other fitness groups/teams. The main goal of Iron ANT is just to get people involved in fitness and building a better lifestyle for themselves, no mater whose shirt you wear.

IAF is not just developed by one or two people, IAF is developed by its member’s ideas and suggestions. IAF allows a lot of freedom for its members to post ideas, opinions,criticism and their own events within the group with the expectation of having positive replies.  This is what I love about our group .  By allowing open ended conversations and suggestions many amazing ideas have been implemented within IAF and they have helped mold it into the great group it is today.

(K-Dub)  What does Iron ANT stand for?

(AG)  ANT was originally A.N.T. which stands for Athletics. Nutrition. Training.  We chose the mascot to be an ant because it has great attributes that pertain to fitness . The size to strength ratio of an ant is perfect. Size really doesn’t matter; what matters is the mental strength you have to achieve the goal.  Ants are determined tiny insects who will rebuild their ant hill every single time you destroy it and the only time they quit is if you kill them. This applies in fitness and life in general, it shows that no matter how many times you fail whether it be an obstacle, a max bench press, or even something in your life, that never giving up no matter how many times you are knocked down is truly a key to success. Ants also work together as a team, overcoming great Obstacles  and they all work together to survive. “no Ant left behind”.  We don’t leave any one behind, we strive to be the best group that we can be by helping one another to reach their goals.

(K-Dub)  What is your vision for the future of Iron ANT?

(AG)  The future For IAF is ever changing, with new ideas sprouting into action all the time. The one thing I  want to see in IAFs future is that we are always motivating one another and seeing satisfaction in not only our own achievement but also in others.

(K-Dub)  How do people become active?

(AG)  They can email me directly at Iron and I will gladly send info about upcoming events and what websites to checkout and if you like I can  add you to our private Face
book group for our IAF members that we post all our upcoming events in.

Iron ANT fitness is not only an online community but a real community which

Ant Brittney representing at her Cross Fit Gym

exists outside of social media.  I have seen it go from 2 members to over 100 and hopefully the members will increase steadily.  The one thing I like about Iron ANT is that it’s a melting pot of people from all different teams.  Who you associate with doesn’t matter, we all just want our goals to be accomplished, and to hang out with some cool people.  Let’s face it, making friends with similar interest’s sucks as an adult.  Why not become active, meet some people, challenge your goals and have fun all at the same time?  Sounds good to me!


Questions?  Contact me at, Instagram @MuddyWarriorChick, Muddy Warrior Chick Blog




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