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We are a motivational Fitness group.

We motivate others and ourselves to live a healthier lifestyle.

Our goal is to grow into a large motivational fitness community which will promote nothing but positive energy.

We receive satisfaction in not only our accomplishments but watching others succeed in theirs.

It doesn’t matter if you are beginning your fitness journey or are an advanced leader we welcome all people, all teams, and all ages.

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Athletics. Nutrition. Training.

Ants also work together as a team, overcoming great Obstacles  and they all work together to accomplish their goals. “no Ant left behind”.  We don’t leave any one behind, we strive to be the best group that we can be by helping one another to reach their goals. Hope to see you during our next “ANT WAVE”!

Lets make fitness FUN! Iron ANTs Train, Run, walk, Ruck , bear crawl and do other events while having fun the entire time! Meet amazing new people to do these things with! We are always planning fun Meetups to do, IE: Kayaking trips!

Iron ANT Fitness is a group who loves all and welcomes all Athletes and future Athletes.  Who you associate with  and what Fitness Teams/ Groups you are apart of doesn’t matter, we all just want our goals and more importantly YOUR goals to be accomplished, while hanging out with some positively motivating people!